26 December – Boxing Day

Wrapping it up

So here I am on Boxing Day, my second favourite day of the year, kicking back with a cup of tea and a cherry tart, thinking about what went wrong yesterday (which was quite a lot, but nobody cared) and what went right (which was that we were a happy family, celebrating together on a happy day), but I haven’t forgotten you, my dear readers. I was intending to finish this blog with multiple choice questions to test what you learned about Christmas during the year but I will instead list what I learned myself:[1]

  • Christmas is indeed for everyone but, even more importantly, Christmas should be by everyone: everyone should have a say; everyone should have a role; everyone should be part of the preparation. Let there be no spectators.
  • And this means that you can’t be dogmatic: Christmas should include all of the things that the people around you care about, even if they don’t fit your decoration scheme or menu.[2]
  • Planning is good, but be flexible.[3]
  • And make your crackers later in the year: you really don’t know in April how many people you’ll have for Christmas in December!
The party’s over. (Till next year.)

Stop press: Hannah and Lachlan just came around to tell me that they’re getting married. Oh my goodness! I have a wedding to plan!

[1] Yes, I humbly concede that you can be an expert on Yule logs and Santa Claus and plum pudding and still not know everything.

[2] So pierogi are definitely in for me but I’d still like to draw the line at Brussels sprouts!

[3] This may be an excuse for over-catering (not that anyone in my family needs an excuse!)

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