1 December

Deck the halls

Decorate! You can do it all in one big hit today (or later on) or you can do a little each day until you’re sufficiently festooned. Either way, remember that one tends to be more enthusiastic about putting decorations up than about taking them down, so be a little restrained.

If you want your de-decorating to be done with military precision, document each section as you finish it so that you can capture every ornament later.[1] The easiest way to document is to take photos but an actual list is the most effective tool in the removal phase. (Then again, it’s fun to spot a rogue decoration still up in February.)[2]

Today is also the first day for playing Christmas music[3] and here are my picks for the day:

  • “Deck the Halls”[4]
  • “O Christmas Tree”
  • “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas”.


I received lots of Christmas cards in my mailbox this evening – and they were all from me! I had used classy black envelopes and I wrote the addresses with a gold pen and stuck address stickers on the back, and the mail-sorting machines found it easier to read the labels than the gold ink and decided all the cards were to me! I’ll cover up the stickers and I’ll take the cards back to the post office tomorrow to dispatch them all over again but I am so annoyed: I timed these perfectly to arrive on 1 December and now they’ll be late, in spite of my best endeavours!

[1] My friend Jill used to pay a bounty to her kids for any decoration they spied after 7 January. She said they looked so hard that they found lost toys under seat cushions and stray socks behind bookcases, so it was worth every penny.

[2] There’s more than one way of having Christmas last all year!

[3] Unless you work in a shop, in which case you’ll already be sick of “White Christmas”.

[4] This is the least favourite carol of my friend Lisa Hall: she takes it to mean “Knock all of my family to the ground”.

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