22 November

On a roll

Are you buying wrapping paper? This is a good time to do it because stocks will be high and queues will be low. And why not start with the cheap shops? Sometimes they have a few very stylish rolls and if you’re an early shopper, you get to snap up the bargain.

My rule of thumb used to be that if it was under a dollar a metre, it was a good deal[1] but, as always, you have to take into account what you actually need: if you only need two metres of wrapping paper, then twenty metres is a waste of money, paper and storage space, even at $5 a roll.

All cheap. Not all nasty.

I had to send Suresh from HR around to Jessica from the social club to talk her out of mistletoe for the Christmas party. He said he had to work very hard but he won out in the end. I think he earned his salary today.

[1] Although Matthew once gave me a (joke) present in orange paper with nasty pink weasels printed on it and it was an insult at any price.

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