7 November

Trickle cards

As with the Christmas shopping, you can do all of your cards in one big hit or you can trickle-feed them, depending on your schedule and inclination.[1]

If you’d like to do your cards in small batches, writing a few every night in the evening (or on the train, or waiting for the kids at swimming lessons)[2] can work well and it also makes it easy to stay fresh when adding personal notes.[3]

If you’re using commercial cards, write the names of the people you send them to inside the box. Then, if you have a few leftovers, you can use them next year but you’ll be able to ensure that you send different cards. (Or just send the leftovers to the kind of people who won’t notice the same card two years running.)

Pick a card, any card.

My nephew Ben was talking about their South Pacific holiday. It seems they’re all going: my sister Wendy and her husband Don, and their kids, and the kids’ partners and baby Mia. It would be lovely to be rich enough to be able to take all of those people on a luxury cruise but, when confronted with other people’s wealth, it’s also important to remember your own: if you’re well fed, well housed and have access to good hospitals and schools, you’re better off than most people in the world, so you’re rich too.

[1] And the number of cards – Hannah sent just two cards last year so doing them all at once and doing them two at a time turned out to be the same thing.

[2] But not in the rain at Little Athletics, which is what Lisa did one year and they were unreadable.

[3] Sending exactly the same “personal” note to everyone is even easier.

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