3 November


If you’re growing herbs for hampers, they may be ready for drying now. Hanging them upside down in bunches and letting nature take its course is traditional but doing them in the oven is faster and less risky.[1]

Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme (and oregano, chives and spearmint).

I’ve persuaded Gemma to volunteer for the social club committee. I think the party cubs will enjoy working with her because she’s fun-loving and young but she also understands that a beer budget can’t be stretched to champagne cocktails. Provided she doesn’t propose anything to do with indoor cricket, I think we’ll all be very happy with her.

[1] My friend Fiona was drying bunches of parsley in the sun in her bay window and she walked in one morning to find them covered with caterpillars. She said the creatures were the same colour as the swirls on her couch so it took her days before she was convinced that she’d got them all out.

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