2 November

Hit the shops

November is Shopping Month so, if you’re using the incremental method of Christmas shopping, start now! Make sure you put new data (prices of things bought, new ideas) into your present list as you go and set yourself a mission each day, like, “Get a moustache mug for Denny from Mugs R Us at lunchtime.”

Supermarkets can’t wait to clear the Halloween stuff out to fill the shelves with Christmas knick-knackery.

I heard Hannah talking to Jeremy last night.

“You can’t keep it a secret forever,” she said, “and it will be much better if you tell her sooner rather than later.”

I’m surprised that there’s anything Jeremy keeps secret from Danni – they seem very, very close. But it reminded me that Christmas is a time for good secrets, so try not to let it slip what presents you’re giving people (unless you’re dealing with someone who really doesn’t like surprises).[1]

[1] Like my friend Fiona, who won’t unwrap a gift until you’ve told her what’s in it.

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