13 October

A penny for them

If you’ll be making pudding and if you’ll be putting silver into it:[1]

  • Gather your coins
  • Wash them
  • You’ll find plenty of instructions to pour boiling water over them to kill the germs, but they’re going to be steamed for hours inside the pudding so I can’t see why this is necessary[2]
  • Dry them
  • Set them aside for pudding day
Silver spoon.

I had a long chat with Meredith from Accounts today. She was the social club treasurer before the schism and she explained how the books and the budget work. It turns out that the money the company puts in for the Christmas party every year covers sausages and beer and ice cream but there’s no way it will stretch to upmarket strippers and circus acts. (I am contemplating asking for danger money for this assignment.)

[1] I’ve never heard of anyone putting gold coins into pudding so, although plum pud is usually described as “rich”, it’s not that rich.

[2] My Uncle Bill once said that the oils from all the shoppers’ hands added to the flavour. So then Auntie Pat offered to make him some tea by pouring boiling water over small change and he backed down immediately.

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