12 October

A moveable feast

When should you start eating Christmas food? Popular answers are:

  1. As soon as you see tinsel in the shops
  2. On any official festive occasion in December (like school break-ups and office Christmas parties) but not until Christmas Day otherwise.
  3. Christmas Day – except that you need to do a fair bit of quality sampling beforehand.

I’m mainly on the side of 2 (with a bit of 3) but I do make an exception for mince tarts:[1] it is good to have some festive fare when there are carols in the air and I can tell you that three of my delicate beauties a day will do wonders for your digestion. (They taste like Christmas and they work like bran).

Can you resist? Should you?

My nephew Ben mentioned he’s applying for a new job. It’s at Palmer & Sons where I used to work and he asked me if I had any contacts there. I do but they’re unlikely to be on an IT selection panel. However, I did give Ben some pointers on how P&S conduct their interviews. (Fast, furious and taking no prisoners.)

[1] My colleague Murray makes an exception for shortbread. In fact, he deliberately overcaters so that he has enough shortbread to last him to at least July.

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