8 October

What would Kris do?

It can be hard to choose a Kris Kringle present for a colleague because there’s often a low price limit and you may not know the recipient well but one of these suggestions might work:

  • Any of the Small Present ideas from 30 January and 19 April
  • Food in general: chocolates, condiments, exotic ingredients[1]
  • Small items used in your particular industry (Eg: office workers can go for novelty staplers, amusing USB sticks, comedic sticky notes etc.)
  • Calendars (which come out in force in December and cover every interest group and every price range)
  • Small kitchen gadgets (if you know the proclivities of the recipient): a zester for a keen cook, a muddler for a cocktail fiend, a cute biscuit cutter for a parent of young children[2]
Yes, they’ve all got their hands on their hoses.

What a lovely birthday! Jeremy’s sausage rolls were pretty good (as the birthday girl, I didn’t have to eat any of the burnt ones) everyone came round for cake in the afternoon which was very jolly and then Matthew and I headed out to see “The Girl on the Train” in the evening. Add a handful of well-chosen presents to that and it was close to a perfect day![3]

[1] That’s exotic, like dragonfruit crisps, not erotic, like chocolate body paint, which was specifically banned at Palmer & Sons after a lamentable episode.

[2] My cousin Peter (the one who gives his whole family the same book each year) bought a box of rain gauges at a knock-down price a decade ago and he gives one to his Kris Kringle nominee each year regardless, including the time he got the same person two years running.

[3] I did have to field jokes about my ancient age but, as the oldest sibling, you get used to that.

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