5 October

Fit for a king (of peace)

Picture the coming festive season: it’s mid-December, you’re at your sixth Christmas party in two weeks and someone offers you another drink and another sausage roll and you think, “What the hell! It’s Christmas after all!” and take them, blowing your chances of driving home, going to the gym in the evening and keeping your sylph-like figure.

But you can avoid excesses if you plan ahead. So let’s think about exercise. (Although the trouble with exercise is that eventually you have to stop just thinking about it, and get down to actually doing it.[1])

Realistically, you’re unlikely to keep up the same level of training that you’re doing now (if your December calendar is looking as full as mine, you’ll be wondering if you’ll have time to clean your teeth in the festive season, let alone make it to your aquarobics session) but you should still aim to maintain your current level of fitness so:

  • Work out what that maintenance level is. Three gym sessions a week instead of five? Skipping the long evening marathon preps but running to work instead? Getting off the train early each morning and walking in rather than doing your daily constitutional at lunchtime?[2]
  • Put it in your schedule now. (Of course you don’t actually know what you’re going to be doing on 17 December yet but if you list that as one of your three gym sessions for the week and then the 17th turns out to be the date of the office bash, you will be reminded that you have to find a new time for the exercise class.)
05 oct 2016.jpg
Walk to work.

“So what course did Jack select?” I asked Wendy.

“He hasn’t told us. I wish he would but we can’t make him. I suspect he’s aiming high and he doesn’t want to disappoint us if he doesn’t make it.”

“So what would that be?” I asked. “Medicine?”

“Or maybe aerospace engineering or pharmacy.”

“I can’t see him designing jet engines,” I objected. “Too much number crunching.”

“What about building hang gliders and testing them himself?” asked Wendy.

“Oh, yes, I can imagine that,” I replied. “In fact, I’m surprised he’s not doing it now.”

“It can only be because he hasn’t thought of it,” said Wendy, “so please don’t mention it to him.”

[1] You are exercising, aren’t you? How will you get through Yule if you’re not fighting fit?

[2] My cousin Russell says that he gets more exercise in December than at any other time by putting up fairy lights in the backyard for his legendary Santa & Snags barbecue and carrying party supplies to and fro, but he doesn’t set the bar very high the rest of the year.

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