4 October

Clean sweep

It’s certainly too early to polish the dining room table and expect it be perfect for Christmas but it may not be too early to tidy cupboards,[1] clean local grot spots or to tackle those piles of mysterious things that build up around the house all by themselves. (I have a bowl at the top of the stairs and it holds old sunglasses, the nozzle from the bicycle pump, keys without locks and a scarf that certainly doesn’t belong to me. Where did they come from? Why are they in the bowl? And why haven’t I thrown them out yet? These are much harder riddles than what Stonehenge is for, and yet they’re not even hinted at in Hannah’s book of Great Unsolved Mysteries.)

04 oct 2016.jpg
Condiments of the season.

“How’s the course selection going?” I asked Jack.

“I’m tossing up between maritime logistics, wool classing and patisserie,” he said.

“At least you know he’s read the course manual thoroughly,” I said to Wendy.

[1] Or simply shovel them out, as my friend Carol does at her hoarding mother’s house whenever she thinks she can get away with it.

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