3 October

Christian Christmas in a nutshell

If you’re staunchly Christian (or just happy to line up with Jesus for the festive season), there’s a lot of Christmas you can embrace. As well as seasonal church services, there are:

  • St Nicholas or the Christkind
  • plenty of carols[1]
  • church bells
  • decorations based on the nativity, like shepherds, angels and stars[2]
  • advent wreaths
  • peace, love and joy.[3]

And you can also co-opt any of the religion-free elements that tickle your fancy (like snömys and crackers and Christmas sales).

So if you want to put the Christ into Christmas, God be with you!

03 oct 2016.jpg
Why would angels need song sheets?

[1] And even more hymns.

[2] And donkeys in theory, but seldom in practice.

[3] My mother had an old schoolfriend called Joy who collected Christmas knick-knackery that said “Joy” and decorated her house with it both in December and in April, which was her birthday month. (Personally, I thought that the fact that she could get a human-sized stuffed elf holding a flag saying “Joy” didn’t mean that she should set it up in her lounge room twice a year.)

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