2 October


If you’re the crafty type and were contemplating making fretwork tree decorations or embroidered stockings or snowflake trivets, consider making a few extra because they make excellent Small Presents. (If they actually are small, that is, and if they don’t take weeks and weeks to make.[1])

02 oct 2016.jpg
Handmade (and hand-fed).

Hannah came around with a new cookbook that had a particularly lavish chapter on cakes.[2]

“Choose something from here for your birthday,” she offered and I selected an orange cake with grated chocolate in it. Hannah left pondering whether to decorate the cake with curls of orange zest or with choc-dipped orange slices[3] and I’m about to check if I have any of those really long matches.[4]

[1] The life-sized replica of Sleipnir (Odin’s six-legged horse) that my friend Todd made took him the better part of a year to construct and was certainly too large to take to school to give to a favourite teacher.

[2] It’s much rarer to see a cookbook with a lavish chapter on salads – “lavish” just doesn’t seem the right word for anything based on vegetables (with the exception, of course, of Caesar salad which, as previously mentioned, is really a bowl of several kinds of fat, with a bit of lettuce mixed through).

[3] In my experience, any decoration that involves chocolate beats any decoration that doesn’t.

[4] Which are useful once one passes thirty and has to spend so long lighting birthday candles that the toddlers get restless and the elderly nod off.

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