16 September

A message from the Queen

Here’s yet another of those quaint old customs that lingers on at Christmas when it is past its use-by date on every other day of the year: in my family, we stop what we’re doing around 7pm to watch the Queen’s Christmas message even though we’re all avowed republicans. But Nanna was an ardent royalist so it was part of the program when she ruled the roost and now it’s a firmly established family tradition. It reminds us of pleasant Christmases gone by and it also feels like an ongoing connection to Nanna.

Elizabeth II is now up to her sixty-third Yuletide broadcast. She usually talks about events of the past year and often brings in a religious note and an appeal to the Christian values of the season, but you’re unlikely to actually disagree with her wishes of peace and harmony even if you’re on the opposite side of the politico-theological spectrum.[1]

The Queen’s Christmas message is broadcast on the ABC after the (especially shortened) news at about 7:20pm but you can, of course, catch it on catch-up television after that.

16 sep 2016.jpg
Her majesty, the garden bed.

My colleague Gemma asked me if I knew where to buy amusing biscuit cutters. I certainly do, and I suggested two places in the CBD that will provide her with plenty of choice. and she explained that she was having two new friends around for afternoon tea – two yarn stormers and someone she met at a meeting to save the trees in her local park – and had decided on carrot cake and spiced orange biscuits.

She came back with an aeroplane and a wombat: good choices.

[1] The opposite of a monarchist is probably a republican, but I’m not sure what the opposite of an Anglican churchgoer would be: is it an atheist or a Scientologist?

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