14 September


Although community singalongs are an endangered species outside Yuletide, you can still hear them at Carols by Candlelight. There will be one in your area for sure so do go along – unless you have small children because, in December, it doesn’t get dark enough for candles until way past junior bedtime.[1]

14 sep 2016.jpg
Safe, practical, suitable for total fire ban days… and dull.

Bronwyn was astonished in the supermarket tonight. I kept saying, “Not that brand: it’s full of sugar,” and she’d reply, “But it’s pasta sauce.” Then I’d make her check the number of grams of sugar in a hundred grams of sauce and she’d gasp.

“I aim to eat just one serve of sugar a day—” I began.

“I’m going lower than that: I’m going to zero,” she interrupted. (She has always been very competitive.)

“—and I’d far rather eat my sugar in something that’s supposed to be sweet than to miss out on ice cream because I’ve eaten Barbecue Shapes.”

“Do Barbecue Shapes have sugar in them?” she said. “Don’t tell me I have to give up Barbecue Shapes?”

“I’ve got more bad news for you,” I replied. “Not only are they one percent sugar, they’re also zero percent barbecue.”

Bronwyn just glared at me.

“Be serious,” she admonished. “Diabetes can cause nerve damage and kidney failure and blindness so I don’t have time to joke about barbecues.”

In the end we filled her trolley with sugar-free products and she went home happy (even though I told no more jokes about barbecues).

[1] My friend Jill started organising a little folk’s carol matinee when her kids were small but gave it up when she realised that she really didn’t want to sing “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” even one more time.

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