12 September

Near misses near mistletoe

Mistletoe is a parasitic plant that grows on trees. There are lots of species, including some that are native to Australia, so you may be able to find some in your own backyard. It has been associated with druids, good luck and fertility and perhaps this is why it’s hung high (from the ceiling or a door frame) at Christmas and you can kiss anyone standing under it.

This sounds romantic and fun but it can lead to sexual harassment so quickly that you shouldn’t even consider hanging mistletoe for an office party and should be very, very wary anywhere else. (If you’re disappointed by this advice, consider two scenarios: the first is the one you already have in your mind where you share a tender moment with the romantic lead in your life, and the second is where you’re caught unawares by someone you despise who grabs you and administers a kiss with horrifying vigour. Avoid it.)

12 sep 2016.jpg
Asking for it (sexual harassment charges, that is).

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