11 September


Here are some wrapping paper designs children can manage:

  • Wrap the presents in plain paper and have toddlers put star stickers on them. (Resign yourself to the fact that the paper won’t be the only surface that gets stickers stuck on it.)
  • Give small children light-coloured paper and two colours of crayon. (If you want to get a colour scheme going here, use ribbon in the same colours.)
  • Give older children dark paper and gold and silver pens.
  • Do spatter paintings. (You can spatter over your hands or star templates or anything else that will make a recognisable shape.[1])
11 sep 2016.jpg
Stamp it out.

Hannah told me that Lachlan is moving into her flat. I must have raised my eyebrows because she immediately said, “Into the spare room, Mum. You know we’re just friends.” I thought she had been enjoying living by herself but she explained she would get even more pleasure from halving her expenses so that she can save a deposit for a house of her own.[2]

[1] This was nearly the only craftwork my friend Jill’s restless son William produced to a reasonable standard and that’s because Jill held his hands down and did the spattering herself. (She could keep his attention for ten minutes if she promised he could play in the sprinkler afterwards to wash the paint off.)

[2] Hannah doesn’t do Romance, but she has Practicality done and dusted.

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