5 September

Here we go a-wassailing

Wassail is a hot, alcoholic, spiced punch served at Yuletide and to go wassailing is to carol from door to door[1] with the intention of being supplied from the wassail bowl at each house you visit.[2]

If this sounds fun to you, you’ll need to organise it in advance, not just to make time to practise your harmonies but also to word up the neighbours – they’re unlikely to give you punch for singing “God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen” if they don’t know you’re coming.[3]

If it’s a hot night, an iced punch may be more suitable.

05 sep 2016.jpg
Hey nonny no.

[1] With a goat, if you’re Swedish.

[2] So in October, children go door to door to show off their costumes and collect lollies and, in December, adults go door to door to show off their carols and collect booze.

[3] Although my brother-in-law Don claims that he could talk any household into offering him a drink just by threatening to keep singing until they do.

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