4 September

Pondering pomanders

A pomander is an orange studded with cloves and hung from a ribbon. The cloves preserve the orange and the whole smells fabulous and can be used to perfume wardrobes.[1]

You can make one for under $5 so you could add one to your hampers, you can give them as Small Presents and children (from about eight up) can make them as gifts. Just remember that, if you’re making a few, either do them in small batches or use rubber gloves when handling the cloves because they contain a natural anaesthetic that makes your fingers go numb after you’ve pushed enough of the little doo-dabs in.[2]

I have a theory that cumquat pomanders would make great Christmas tree decorations and would add citrus and clove to the pine scent to make a luxurious Christmas fragrance but I haven’t had any success yet: cumquats have such thin skin that they’re very fragile.[3]

04 sep 2016.jpg
The best kind of room freshener.

“Have you narrowed your course choices down?” I asked my nephew Jack.

“Aquaculture, music theatre or midwifery,” he replied.

“What does he really want to do?” I asked his father.

“He won’t tell us,” Don said. “Unless it actually is aquaculture, music theatre or midwifery, but I doubt it.”

[1] Why wardrobes? Because the scent is even better than your favourite fabric softener, and because they look brown and withered once they’ve dried, so they’re at their best in the dark.

[2] My cousin Caroline made half-a-dozen as a teenager and was so impressed by the anaesthesia that she went out to pull up thistles to test its limits. She discovered that the prickles didn’t worry her – at the time – but her fingers were quite sore when the effects wore off! (But that’s teenagers for you: keen to experiment and heedless of the future.)

[3] But maybe I just need little cloves (and maybe the places that sell micro herbs also do micro spices).

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