13 August

Carol cacophony

If you wanted to avoid hearing Christmas music, you would have to get all of your shopping done by the middle of October, and that includes your grocery shopping, so you’d spend two months living on canned food and might as well be snowed into a cabin on Laura Ingalls Wilder’s prairie.

Short of taking that drastic action, you will be hearing Christmas music and there are bound to be carols you don’t like[1] and carols you do like sung by people you don’t like in styles that are abhorrent to you.[2] You could carry your own music with you and pop the ear buds in whenever something horrible comes up, or maybe you just have to accept that there are parts of Christmas that are uncontrollable even for the most organised person.

What you need to avoid Christmas carols

Hannah showed me the bunting she has made for Jeremy’s party: it’s triangles of green and orange paper, each with a photo of Jeremy on them, and some of them are not flattering. I am not sure he’ll like it but I do think it will entertain the guests and it’s a novel alternative to a photo board or a slideshow.

[1] Like the abominable “Frosty the Snowman”.

[2] My cousin Peter loathes disco and walks straight out of any shop that starts playing Boney M’s Christmas repertoire, leaving his wife holding the shopping basket.

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