3 August

Christmas shipping

If you want the cheapest parcel rates to Botswana, it’s time to get posting (although you have until the beginning of September is you’re sending to Switzerland) and you will need parcel wrapping as well as gift wrapping: the easiest and most expensive option is the padded bags the post office sells, the cheapest and greenest option is the padded bags the post office delivers (to your house around some other parcel – keep the packing and reuse it later).

Choose sturdy gift wrap rather than fragile tissue paper and fluffy bows and, if your present is somewhat delicate, do pad it very carefully.[1]

03 aug 2016.jpg
Mind your P.O. queues.[2]
Christmas Day 1970: Finally, it was dinner time, we took our places and Nanna said grace. This was not something we did in our own house but Nanna was a staunch Presbyterian (and was, I believe, the only one in the family who went to church on days other than holy days) and so a fall from grace was not an option. (But she did keep it short: her god was a pragmatic deity who did like to be appreciated but who wouldn’t want the vegies to get cold.)

[1] And if your present is very delicate, don’t send it by mail at all.

[2] Last year, my sister Wendy had to make eight separate trips to the post office in December and she said she tried hard to work out what the off-peak times were… and concluded that there weren’t any.

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