1 August

Festive insects

We’ve covered a lot of Christmas history, but let us not neglect Christmas entomology: it’s time to talk about Christmas beetles, a kind of scarab beetle with green or yellow iridescent bodies, often seen around Christmas time. They are considered Christmassy because of their glorious metallic sheen[1] and because most people don’t know that they contribute to dieback in gum trees and cause yellow patches in lawns. (They’re more Grinch than elf, but at least they’re pretty.)

P.S. Add July notes to your Christmas letter material.

01 aug 2016.jpg
Nature’s tinsel.

There’s really not very much for me to do for Jeremy’s twenty-first: he’s handling the invitations, the restaurant will do the food and since I have a firm rule that speeches should be either good or short (and preferably both), it won’t take me long to write mine.

[1] My daughter Hannah tried decorating with dead Christmas beetles one year. She tied them to the branches of the Christmas tree with thread and scared the bejeezus out of herself when she found that one of them wasn’t as dead as she’d thought.


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