13 July

Beyond houses

If gingerbread houses are old hat to you, branch out! Here’s a gingerbread nativity triptych I made which won second prize in my office Christmas bake-off and was also a noteworthy centrepiece for our Christmas table at home.

The only problem with gingerbread nativities is who eats Jesus?[1]
Christmas Day 1970: Once the presents were finished, Nana put “Readers’ Digest Joyous Music for Christmastime” on her record player. Auntie Margie danced around with her broom to “The Twelve Days of Christmas” and Matthew sang along to “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and tried to act out all the parts himself.

Uncle Geoff, who had been harvesting right up to Christmas Eve, took himself off to the hammock in the backyard for a pre-dinner nap. (He had to shoo Bronwyn and Brian out of it first: they were using it as a swing and trying to flip themselves over. Bronwyn protested but Uncle Geoff just said “When you’ve stripped a thousand acres in three weeks, then you can have the hammock.”)

[1] My son Jeremy was also concerned with who got to eat the liqueur chocolate bottle which represented the frankincense.


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