10 July

Running rings round it

There are a lot of ways to make Christmas wreaths for your door and many classy designs start with a twisted circle of cane which you can easily make yourself if you have any vines overgrowing your garden. Simply:

  • Trim the vine back (as part of your normal pruning)
  • Take any piece that is more than a metre in length and strip the leaves from it
  • Twist a handful of vines together and wrap them round a bucket[1]
  • Leave it in a dry place (like a garden shed) to cure

In a few months’ time, it should be rigid and all ready to be decorated in December with fresh greenery, baubles or whatever else takes your fancy.[2]

10 jul 2016.jpg
Twined vines.

Jack told me that he’s worked out his magic trick with his brother Ben: Ben will wield the saw and it will be Jack in the box.[3] He asked me if we were having a Christmas concert this year and explained that he’d like to be the finale. (Murray assured me that the illusion was safe so we won’t need to check blood types before we start.)

[1] Or anything else circular that you can do without for several months. (My brother Matthew nominated his slow cooker. “Why would anyone wait all day for stew,” he says, “When you can cook schnitzel in ten minutes?”)

[2] And is suitably sturdy. My friend Carol decorated hers with wrapped toffees and the local ants had a banquet. It seems that a mere foil square is no challenge at all to our formic friends.

[3] “And that makes it easier for me to sort out the trousers,” he said and then added “Oh! I’ve said too much!”

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