5 July


Xmas in July doesn’t do it for me – the focus, surely, is on eating the traditional winter foods that are associated with Northern Hemisphere Christmases[1] but Melbourne seldom gets really hot on Christmas Day (the average December maximum is 24˚) so I seldom have trouble eating a roast dinner. And I don’t feel a need to air my tinsel bi-annually.

But if you don’t do winter food on Christmas Day, you might like to try it out in the weather best suited to it,[2] and you should be able to find a few restaurants doing XiJ in your closest tourist café zone.

05 jul 2016.jpg
Everyone likes an excuse to drink mulled wine in winter.


My book club friend Sharon mentioned the people she’s been talking to because of her cat art (which is selling like hot cakes so she keeps raising the prices and clearly hasn’t hit the upper bounds yet) and it seems that her social circle is expanding way beyond Mr Whiskers and I’m delighted for her. (This seems to be the good kind of cat-astrophe.)

[1] Although my nephew Ben was invited to his girlfriend’s father’s tennis club’s XiJ fundraiser last year and he so enjoyed wearing a Santa suit without sweltering in the boots and the fur that he kept his whole costume on for the whole night (and ended up eating a fair bit of the beard with his dinner).

[2] Or, better still, out of the weather best suited to it, inside next to a roaring fire, looking at the rain through the window.

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