3 July


If you intend to make presents, draft a plan soon. Ask yourself what you’re making, how long it will take,[1] when you’ll start and if you have all the materials.

And if you’re planning on having one big workshop (say to make mosaic picture frames for the whole family), schedule that into your diary.

03 jul 2016.jpg
Sew good.


Christmas Day 1970: My presents were a book from my Goulburn cousins (a ‘Famous Five” I hadn’t read – very welcome), bubble bath from the Mallee cousins (that’s what was in the bottle), pyjamas from my Queensland cousins (they were very fetching but I wasn’t impressed because I didn’t consider clothes were appropriate presents)[2] and a gold locket and a photo album from Nanna (who presumably had a hot line to Father Christmas and knew about my new camera). I piled them up with the goods from my Santa sack and considered I had a very good haul.

[1] When she was nine, my daughter Hannah decided to grow me a bonsai for my birthday but then she found out it would take a decade which means that to deliver it to me in October, she would have had to start before she was born.

[2] And I didn’t know they were saving me from the Yule Cat (of which more later).

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