29 June

Mildly religious carols

If you’re flexible about religious content, sing any Christmas songs that tickle your fancy. If you prefer to dial the noels down a notch, the following carols are suitable for people who don’t mind a bit of religion in their Christmas, provided it’s not too dogmatic:

  • Deck the Halls

This is about decorating and drinking[1] (and has mild pagan references to holly and Yule logs)

  • Good King Wenceslas [2]

A tale of a saintly king who helps the unfortunate (which is considered worthy by most codes of ethics). He does a minor miracle in the last verse which brings God into the punchline

  • Here We Come A-wassailing

A drinking/carolling song with a blessing in the chorus

29 jun 2016.jpg
Bring me pine logs hither.

Jack is contacting everyone he knows, trying to find someone who’s willing to be sawn in half, but he hasn’t found any takers yet. (I’m not volunteering myself, because I can’t forget that Murray said he never got the trick 100% right himself and worse than being a guinea pig is being half a guinea pig!)

[1] Be careful with those glass baubles if you’ve had a few!

[2] My cousin Bronwyn went to a December fancy dress party as Good King Wenceslas. No-one had a clue who she was, she kept tripping over her robe and she had to carry a bottle of wine, a packet of ham and a pine log wherever she went. She said that next time, she’ll just go as a Christmas elf, like everyone else.

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