28 June

Gingerbread mansions

If you’re already an experienced gingerbread house carpenter, you may want to take it to a new level. Here are some ideas:

  • Make a fancy building: a church, a skyscraper, a school.
  • Do a particular building: your own house, Santa’s workshop, the Parthenon.[1]
  • Use the church window biscuit method (See 17 June) to make stained glass windows.
  • Pipe icing into lacy patterns.[2]
  • Use your lollies architecturally: you can tile roofs with pastilles or freckles, outline door and window frames with liquorice or raspberry rope, and make vines from spearmint leaves and apple shoelaces.
  • Populate it with gingerbread people going about a variety of activities.[3]
  • Sculpt things from marzipan.
28 jun 2016.jpg
A gingerbread igloo and marzipan penguins: you’d think it was Christmassy… until you worked out what the bear was doing with the Eskimo.

Jack was absolutely delighted with his magical apparatus. Wendy wasn’t.

“The only free space in the garage has just been taken up by Jack’s new gym equipment which means he’ll keep this strange thing in his bedroom and it will get covered in dirty socks,” she said.

“It’s not as bad as a jet pack,” I temporised.

“True,” she agreed. “And the socks would have been there anyway.”

[1] But not the Sydney opera house: it doesn’t lend itself to gingerbread.

[2] My Auntie Pat once made her son Peter a gingerbread pirate ship with intricate icing rigging for his birthday. I saw photos of it and it impressed the socks off me, but it wasn’t her piping skills that amazed me: it was the weeny icing crows she had in the crows nest.

[3] The year Emma made a gingerbread house on a gingerbread street, she included gingerbread cars and a gingerbread pedestrian with a marshmallow poodle.

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