27 June

St Basil

St Basil behaves a lot like Saint Nick but he has a different origin (he was a second century Greek bishop who was one of the founders of the Nicene Creed and he established rules for monks) and he brings presents to children on New Year’s Day, when you set a place at your table for him. You leave out for him a glass of wine[1] and a festive cake called vasilopitu with a coin baked in it.[2]

In Georgia they decorate Christmas trees with curly wooden shavings to represent Basil’s beard.

Like St Nick, St Basil is best suited to actual Christians.

27 jun 2016.jpg
Founder of the Nicene Creed.(Not a bad resumé for a herb.)

[1] I assume one of the regular miracles St Basil performs is to stay under the legal limit no matter what.

[2] I wonder if the Greeks, like the Australians, hit a festive roadblock when they moved from silver coins to cupro-nickel (and if St Basil likes Euros as much as he liked Drachmae).

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