26 June


If you like origami, there are many fine Christmas decorations you can construct: whip up a batch of your favourite cranes and orchids in your chosen Christmas colours and then thread them up and dangle them from anything that needs them,[1] or make Christmassy things like trees and stars,[2] or traditional snömys like snowflakes.

To be super-green, make them from used paper and recycle them afterwards.[3]

26 jun 2016.jpg
An origami galaxy.

Hannah’s friend Lachlan’s ute is in good order and he is free on Tuesday and Wendy is happy to invite him to the party.[4] And it also gives me enough young things to do the lifting (Jeremy, Lachlan and Hannah). I might even be able to stand back and direct.

[1] Definitely your Christmas tree. (And probably your hat rack.)

[2] Roast turkeys are somewhat harder.

[3] Carefully. When my niece Emma ditched years of origami creations in a big teenage clean-up, she tripped on the way to the recycle bin and delicate paper lilies and fish and rabbits fluttered all over the backyard. They were still finding them months later (but so sodden that you could no longer tell a frog from a flower).

[4] “He’s practically family and, if there’s another mouth to feed, my own household won’t be eating potato salad and apple tart for quite as many days afterwards”, she said.

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