25 June

Round and round we go

If your singing skills are at the let’s-all-sing-the-melody level but you’d like to get a bit of harmony going, then rounds are the answer for you. I propose “Christmas Is Coming”[1] and “Christmas Bells” but see what else you can find.

You can practise them early in December and go a-carolling, you can practise them in mid-December and sing them in your Christmas concert or you can get everyone together on Christmas afternoon, learn the song together and bash it out.[2]

(It’s 6 months till Christmas… so if you’re feeling half-ready, well done!)

25 jun 2016.jpg
If the composer died before the Great Fire of London, the tune has to be out of copyright, right?

I enlisted Jeremy to work out how to transport Jack’s present to Wendy’s place[3] and he suggested Hannah’s friend Lachlan who has a ute (which was a hand-me-down from his farming family and, apparently, it makes him quite popular in the city).

[1] And the goose is getting fat. This may be a song of pleasant anticipation for humans, but it doesn’t bode well for poultry.

[2] My brother-in-law Don bashes out carols out literally on the bongos. (He doesn’t sing at all so we assign him to percussion.)

[3] Jeremy thinks the magic machine is cool, which gave me some comfort when I woke up in the middle of the night and thought, “What have I done?”




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