24 June

A walk in the Black Forest

Chocolate cake + kirsch + cherries + chocolate custard = black forest trifle

Top with whipped cream, decorate with shaved chocolate and fresh cherries and wait for the cries of pleasure.[1]

24 jun 2016.jpg
Choclate and cherries: a mtach made in Bavaria.

The lady-bisecting machine is huge, awkward and impossible to wrap! Murray kindly dropped it at my place (where it is now dominating the lounge room) and I’m going to have to work out how to get it to Wendy’s house on Tuesday. (I think I’ll just get a few metres of poplin and tie it round the device in a big bow, which is a handy hint for you for wrapping big presents.)[2]

[1] Or yodels. (When we’re ready to order our post-movie dessert and coffee, my brother Matthew invariably says that he’s going to yodel for strüdel and that’s not funny enough to be on high rotation.)

[2] Even handier is not wrapping them at all, and just shouting, “Surprise!”

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