23 June

Gingerbread cottages

Weeny tiny gingerbread houses make excellent Small Presents. Use a standard 4‑walled design with sloped roof but keep the sides under 10cm and decorate with small lollies.[1] (You won’t need many.) Again, this is a good December activity for children but, again, they need a lot of supervision.[2]

23 jun 2016.jpg
Gingerbread dolls’ house.

“The snow is looking good,” I said to Don.

“All it will take is a couple of days of rain and we’ll be bushwalking in sleet,” warned Don.

If he’s this grumpy when there’s half a metre of snow, I must remember not to talk to him if it does all get washed away before we head up.

[1] My son Jeremy once tiled a little roof with red lentils. It looked quite realistic but no one wanted to eat it.

[2] And they might not want a lot of dinner afterwards.

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