13 June

Ho Ho Ho

That jolly old guy in red has a lot of different names[1] and a lot of different back stories too. Interestingly though, all of these Christmas characters are beginning to merge into one: across the globe, he now wears red with fur and distributes presents, regardless of his ethnic origins.[2]

The English version is Father Christmas, a personification of Christmas dating back to the early 17th century and associated with adult merriment[3] rather than gift giving and he may have evolved from King Winter who had a wreath of greenery (holly, ivy or mistletoe) on his head and wore green or red robes lined with fur.

Since Father Christmas has no religious links, he can be adopted by all non-Christians (and Christians can cuddle up to St Nicholas – of whom more later).

13 jun 2016.jpg
Here’s your doll: now where’s my whiskey?

[1] Padre Noel in Spain, Daidí na Nollag in Italy and Saxta Baba in Axerbaijan to name but a few.

[2] And regardless of his ethical origins too, since vegetarian Santas can trim their suits with faux fur.

[3] That is, he likes a tipple.

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