10 June

A toast to roast vegetables

My grandmother cooked big chunks of roast vegetable in the pan with the turkey and, although I objected to pumpkin at the time,[1] they were pretty good.

If you want to ring the changes on that classic, consider:

  • little roast vegetables: cut everything into mid-sized cubes and add baby carrots and small onions
  • different flavours: try rosemary with pumpkin, coriander with parsnips, garlic with beetroot, chilli with potatoes, apple with leek, bacon with anything[2]
  • a rainbow: purple carrots, green zucchini, yellow button squash, orange pumpkin, red capsicum (Unfortunately, you have to skip blue.)[3] Tumble them together or lay them out in rows: it will be a kaleidoscope either way.

It’s winter: it’s a good time to practise roasting and it’s always a good time to eat vegetables.

10 jun 2016.jpg
Eating the rainbow.

Sharon’s cat art sold so quickly that I didn’t get a chance to buy one of the pottery moggies.[4] But I did snap up a sketch (which Hannah admired so I may give it to her for Christmas).

[1] When I look back at my childhood now, I realise that I was so lucky that the worst thing that happened to me when I was young was that I was forced to eat pumpkin. (But it still felt like an outrage at the time.)

[2] I have a theory that there isn’t a dish in the world that isn’t improved by adding either a little bacon or a little chocolate (round the right way: it’s bacon for bolognaise and chocolate for cheesecake, not vice versa). Unfortunately, both bacon and chocolate are things we should eat less of, not more.

[3] Well, you don’t have to. My daughter Hannah added blue food colouring to mashed parsnips once (and she was young enough at the time to think the pretty colour made them taste better).

[4] Sharon says the gallery owner has two key skills: she can tell a good painting from a bad painting, and she can put together the perfect guest list and this opening was equal parts art lovers and cat lovers.

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