6 June

Gingerbread folk

One of key aspects of Christmas is the feast (which is a tradition people of any religion can embrace) and the food aspects of Christmas spill across into the other aspects: pictures of plum puddings can be seen on Christmas cards and suddenly everything is cranberry flavoured.[1]

Possibly the most pervasive of the food motifs is the gingerbread person and it has a lot going for it:

  • It’s cute
  • It’s easy to make
  • It’s economical

and you can put a bevy of them on the tree (if you bake them good and hard) or use them as Small Presents or in a hamper or even as a gift tag.[2]

Investing in a gingerbread person cutter can pay off even if you’re watching your pennies (and you can buy gingerbread people cutters year round so you could get it today).

Cutting edge gingerbread construction.

[1] My nephew Ben’s girlfriend Cassidy has little plastic mince tart earrings. They look lovely but, since she won’t eat mince tarts herself (she hated orange peel even before sugar became her enemy), I’m not sure she’s entitled to wear the earrings.

[2] Make them out of cardboard if you have a problem with creatures that nibble. (I’m thinking mice but you may be thinking toddlers.)

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