1 June

Well lettered

Add May notes and photos to your Christmas letter material and let us also reflect on what makes a good end-of-year epistle:

  • Keep it short: who reads more than two pages these days?
  • Keep it light: one crisp, amusing anecdote is worth a dozen dull stories
  • Stick to items of general interest: the only people who will enjoy an encyclopaedic list of everything your family did are the people you actually mention

To sum it up, your letter should be a pleasant diversion for your readers and not a weighty historical document, so concentrate on tales you can tell in an entertaining (and pithy!) way.[1] 01 jun 2016.jpg

My friend Todd came round to my house tonight: he’s knitting a jacket as a surprise birthday present for his wife and he still has half the back to go so he sat on my couch and watched television with me while he ploughed through the centimetres. I kept him company by starting the frog beanie I’m making for the snow and Todd was a great help: the pattern only came in children’s sizes,[2] and he helped me scale it up.

[1] Here’s one of my friend Jill’s: “Leanne took a gap year, moved to England, became a travel agent and went to 26 countries in 12 months. She collected souvenir shot glasses and is planning a schnapps party when she gets home.”

[2] Children get all the cute things: it’s not fair.

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