30 May


Christmas and candles seem to go together like Easter and the odd little scraps of foil you find in the lawn long after you’ve forgotten the egg hunt. I’m not a candle fan myself[1] but here are some traditional uses of Christmas candles:

  • Use them on your Christmas tree[2] instead of (the far more sensible) fairy lights
  • Or in your Advent wreath (See 9 May)
  • The Irish use candles as a symbol for the hospitality they want to offer Mary and Joseph[3]
  • They are the eponymous but impractical light source at Carols by Candlelight[4]

(Some people use candles as the gift they give to people they can’t think of presents for[5] and you will certainly find plenty of candle makers who cater to this by gift-boxing special Yuletide wax. Personally, if you’re handing out thoughtless presents, I’d rather receive Christmas chocolates.)

30 may 2016.jpg
Hark the herald angels chime.

My son Jeremy and his girlfriend Danni are out celebrating their one-month anniversary tonight and they’ve gone to his favourite Mexican restaurant. I don’t think one month is much of an anniversary, but then I don’t think the taco special at “Buenos Nachos” is much of a romantic dinner either.

[1] Yes, I know they cast a romantic light over mundane interiors but they also burn down houses and if you want your lounge room to smell like pine or lilac, why not put some actual pine or lilac in a vase?

[2] You’ll need special holders, you have to be very careful and you’ll fill your house with smoke and blobs of wax but I agree it looks very pretty.

[3] Jesus would not have been born in a stable if Bethlehem were in Ireland.

[4] Hard to hold if you have a song sheet in your other hand, not suitable for small children and unable to be used at all on total fire ban days.

[5] My cousin Peter gives everyone the same book for Christmas. Last year it was Magda Szubanski’s autobiography and the Christmas before it was “My Salinger Year”. He says it gives them a common talking point, but I know he really does it for efficiency.

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