29 May

Stringing it along

The first year that I bedecked my tree with home-made decorations, I missed having tinsel to pull it all together. The next year, I made these bead strings which worked just as well.[1] Beads aren’t cheap, so this is not a budget option but beading is a rhythmically soothing activity for both adults and children.[2]

If you like the idea of bead strings, do start early: you don’t want to have a huge yardage target in December.

29 may 2016.jpg
Strung out.

My great-niece Mia was christened today. The party was at Wendy’s house (and a more doting grandmother you have never seen!) and her mother-in-law Gertruda did most of the cooking so it was a Polish banquet. Borscht, bigos, cheese pierogi, mizeria and poppyseed cake.

My brother Matthew took what was possibly his third slice of poppyseed cake and sat next to Chris, who was holding Mia.

“Can she do anything yet?” Matthew asked.

“Of course not,” Chris answered. “She’s only three weeks old.”

“You need to get your act together, young lady,” Matthew admonished, waggling his finger at the baby. “When Mary Stuart was your age, she was queen of Scotland.”

[1] Mind you, they become a serious tripping hazard if they break and I was afraid I’d killed Auntie Helen the year before last when she slipped on a scattering of seed beads. Luckily, she regained her balance before she crashed to the floor but Don joked that I must be expecting a legacy from her which I thought was not in the Yuletide spirit at all.

[2] And is cheaper than anti-depressants.

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