22 May

Tricky tags

If your craft skills are low, stick with the tags I’ve described to date. If you’re seriously artistic, you don’t need my suggestions.[1] If you’re in between, here are some trickier gift tag options you may enjoy making:

  • Cut Christmas tree shapes from paper or cloth and glue onto coloured backgrounds. You can add sequins or stars or buttons for baubles.[2]
  • Or do Christmas wreaths in a similar manner.
  • Cut paper lace snowflakes and glue those onto card.[3]
  • Make holly leaves from green card and add red beads or sequins as berries.[4]
  • Do a decoupage thing with a photo of the recipient on one side of the tag and the giver on the other (and you may avoid the need for words entirely).[5]
22 may 2016.jpg
All tied up.

At Matthew’s birthday dinner last night, Cassidy refused birthday cake. I know she’s not eating sugar but I think she could have been a bit more gracious. And what will we do if everyone gives up sugar? How could you do a savoury birthday cake? Would it be a cheese and bacon loaf with hummus instead of icing? I just can’t see anyone making that into a teddy bear shape for a kid’s birthday.

[1] Or if you’re seriously quirky. Just after he left uni, my friend Todd used liqueur miniatures as gift tags for his family presents and he didn’t write on them: he just matched the initials. So the kirsch was for Katy and advocaat was for Andrew (and the maraschino was for his mother which was a bit of a stretch because her name is Norma).

[2] Or not.

[3] If you don’t mind snömys.

[4] Again, this is not for snömy-phobes. (Or for those who try to lead a sequin-free life.)

[5] This is particularly good for toddlers (and particularly bad for people who feel they are not photogenic).

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