18 May

The biscuit tin method of Christmas

Let me tell you about the biscuit tin method of Christmas. It goes like this:

  • Acquire one new Christmas biscuit tin every year (of which more below).
  • Once you’ve eaten the biscuits, you can keep decorations in the tin
  • And as you decorate in December, you empty tins which you can then fill up with festive treats
  • And, as you polish off the biscuits late in December, the tins are ready for packing away the decorations again.[1]

And even though it’s old fashioned, it’s jolly convenient to keep biscuits in pretty tins. Surprise visitors at Yuletide? Open up your shortbread tin and your gingerbread tin and there’s morning tea. No need even to decant them and then you just whack the lids back on when you’ve had your fill and you’ve packed up in 30 seconds.

Here’s how you can acquire one new Christmas biscuit tin every year:

  1. Buy one when they hit the shops. (This gives you the best selection but is also the most expensive option.)
  2. If there’s someone who would like to give you a present but they don’t know what you’d like, you could suggest a tin of biscuits.[2]
  3. You can wait till January and buy a tin on sale. (This is likely to be 50% cheaper than Option 1 but you won’t have as much choice.)
  4. Or can buy an old Christmas tin in an op shop: they’re quite common, so you stand a good chance of finding a nice one and you’ll pay somewhere between 20c and $5 for it, depending on the op shop. (This is also the greenest option.)
18 may 2016.jpg
Baubles out: biscuits in.

I had lunch with my aunt Gwen and Susan today. Susan is not looking at all well and she has some fairly nasty medical treatments ahead of her but she was excited to be seeing “Matilda” and was sure it would be worth the train trip from Ballarat. Before they left, they gave me a present to give to Mia: a triceratops Susan had crocheted and Gwen had stuffed. Of course, Mia doesn’t know a triceratops from a trumpet right now (she doesn’t even know what her hands are for) but I’m sure she’ll love it eventually.

[1] After washing, of course. Crumbs do not enhance Father Christmas beards.

[2] This was what I did with Auntie Helen although it did get a little silly when I started doing her Christmas shopping for her. (Mind you, it also meant that I got a biscuit tin that I really liked!)

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