17 May

The sale before Christmas

Some stores have early Christmas sales… because the retailers want your money as soon as they can get it (partly to grab it before you spend it at other stores and partly because they might get a second crack at you if they can persuade you to shop again later on)[1] but, if you’re canny, you can make the early sales work for you:

  • Spot the patterns and work with them. (My favourite bookseller offers double loyalty points in the last week of November so I do my book shopping then.)
  • Don’t buy anything unless you’re sure it’s right – otherwise you will indeed stand a significant chance of buying twice and wasting money[2] (which is False Bargain #2, of which more later).

So, as always, shop wisely.[3]

17 may 2016.jpg
I hope he’s budgeted for a really big gift bag.

“Gertruda’s paintings are gone,” Wendy told me. “Apart from the ones Don chose and her own special favourites, the walls are bare.”

“She’s sold them? Could she have a gambling problem?”

“I don’t think that’s possible. She growls that our annual Cup sweep is a waste of money and she refuses to buy raffle tickets even at the Polish club. If Gertruda’s been playing the pokies, we can safely deduce that aliens are controlling her body.”

“Let’s rule that out then,” I agreed.

[1] Have you ever bought a bag of chocolate Santas in November to save for Christmas and then had to go back two weeks later for more because the first bag was gone? The retailers know what they’re doing.

[2] Although, from the retailers’ point of view, this is generating money, so it depends on whose side you’re on.

[3] And steer clear of the chocolate Santas unless they’re on your shopping list. (Confectionery-free aisles aren’t just for children.)

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