13 May


There are a lot of stuffing recipes out there so, unless you have a family favourite, you might like to try some others through the year (maybe with a roast chicken for a traditional Sunday lunch).[1]

Here’s a serviceable option:

Cranberry Pinenut Stuffing

SERVES : 3 cups
START : 20 minutes before

13 may 2016.jpg

1 onion                                       1 bunch parsley                        2 tsp dried sage

1 stick of celery                        ¼ cup pine nuts                        2 tsp dried thyme

1 tsp oil                                      1 egg

4 slices of bread                       ¼ cup dried cranberries


Chop the onion and celery finely and sauté in the oil until soft. Cool.

Crumb the bread. Chop the parsley. Toast the pine nuts. Beat the egg lightly.

Mix all ingredients together.

I’ve just heard that my niece Emma has had her baby and mother and daughter are both fine.[2] So now a little girl called Mia is the first of the next generation in our family. Hurray![3]

[1] Which is a good thing to do with stuffing, and here is the worst thing to do with stuffing: the year before last, my nephew Jack found the expression “stocking stuffers” in a Christmas catalogue and this inspired him to fill a sock with sage and walnut stuffing and present it to his mother as an extra Christmas gift as a joke. (Need I add that she didn’t think it was as funny as he did?)

[2] Although the father is pretty frazzled.

[3] And it makes me a great aunt – although I actually think I was one before now!

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