8 May – Mother’s Day

Circling around

08 may 2016 A.jpg

If cosseting your mother doesn’t take all day, you may like to make some more gift tags. Today’s design is exactly the same as the standard circle gift tag except that you make it from one of last year’s Christmas cards.[1]

08 may 2016 B.jpg

The physical skill level for this is no higher than for a plain circle gift tag but you need a weeny bit of an artistic eye to position the circle well on the card. (Using a glass you can see through helps you line it up.)[2]

08 may 2016 C.jpg

My two children took me out for brunch this morning and Hannah said she’d rather her own kids do that than give her breakfast in bed and Jeremy asked if she was going to produce children by parthenogenesis and she said that he was just as single as she was and he declared that he actually had a brand new girlfriend called Danni. Hannah said it was nice of Jeremy to take pity on a young woman evidently handicapped by a poor sense of smell but it took Jeremy so long to work out that his sister was impugning his odour that the insult lost its bite. (For the record, my son Jeremy is handsome, caring and intelligent and smells fine nearly all of the time (although I did stay upwind when he returned from a 4-day, shower-free camping trip).)

[1] Or you could use cereal boxes like my crafty niece Emma did one year but Christmas cards are more likely to produce Christmassy designs. (Mind you, Emma wrote “HO HO” all over her cereal pictures with gold ink so most of the recipients did think they were festive… except for her brother Ben who read his tag upside down and asked Emma what kind of mistake she’d made with his present that had led her to write “OH-OH” on the label.)

[2] I mean that metaphorically: you can’t actually line up anything up with a circle.

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