6 May

Road testing gingerbread

I cook four kinds of gingerbread. Why not work your way through my recipes and see which suits you best?[1]

This gingerbread is a cake and the treacle gives it a fabulous flavour. I cook it occasionally during the year[2] but you could dust it with icing sugar and garnish it with mint leaves and raspberries[3] for a Christmas morning tea.


06 may 2016.jpg

START : 70 minutes before

45g stem ginger (optional)              ½ tsp cloves                   100g golden syrup

2 cup SR flour                                     ½ tsp nutmeg               100g treacle

1 tsp bicarb                                         ½ tsp allspice               1 egg

1 tbs ground ginger                           100g butter                   250 ml milk

½ tsp cinnamon                                 100g brown sugar


Set oven to 180˚C. Grease and flour a kuegelhof cake tin. Grate the ginger.

Sift the dry ingredients together.

Cream the butter and sugar. Beat in golden syrup and treacle. Add egg. Add dry ingredients and milk alternately. Add stem ginger.

Pour batter into cake tin and bake for 45 minutes.


Christmas Day 1970: After breakfast, we got dressed and bustled outside to play with our toys. My cousin Bronwyn had a walkie-talkie set which was a big favourite and we tried gamely to get my kite into the air but it was a hot, still Mallee morning and even the birds seemed resigned to staying on the ground. Anything sensible was conserving its energy for the sizzling day ahead but we children gambolled and cavorted and – unfortunately – broke Peter’s spud gun before it was an hour old.

[1] Unless you’re a ginger-hater like my nephew Ben’s girlfriend Cassidy who says eating ginger is lke tasting prickles.

[2] But only when I have visitors. I am working hard to limit myself to one moderate serve of sugar a day (except at Christmas, of course) so I only cook cake when I’m confident that I can feed most of it to other people.

[3] Real ones if possible, lollies otherwise.

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