1 May

How could it be May already?

Add April notes and photos to your letter material. And don’t worry if you have some excellent photos that don’t match your notes: they don’t have to. It’s perfectly fine to have unaccompanied pictures, particularly if you can add an amusing caption to them.[1] (So get witty!)

01 may 2016.jpg
Seeing double may be a sign to go easy on the sherry trifle.

After breakfast on Christmas Day 1970, Wendy and I slipped back into the lounge room to prod the presents: there were three for each of us and one of mine was clearly a book but another felt like a bottle which mystified me: a bottle of what? It would hardly be cordial or tomato sauce and what other liquids could a child want?

[1] Unless the photos are amusing enough all by themselves: like the snap of my friend Jill’s children proudly making a human pyramid with their friends, completely unaware that little William was rocketing towards them wildly on the family dog.

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