17 April

Tags 101

Here is a very easy gift tag to make: take one of the pieces of coloured card from your stash, draw a circle on it (by tracing around a glass with a pencil), cut it out, punch a hole into it and thread a 10cm length of ribbon or string through. Anyone over six should be able to manage this one even if they have no artistic talent at all.[1]

So if you feel that this tag is well matched to your abilities, get out your tools and materials, put a good movie on and whip yourself up a batch of gift tags to be ready and waiting for Wrapping Day in December.

17 apr 2016.jpg
Cut it out.

Today is my brother-in-law Don’s birthday so there was a barbecue at Wendy’s place[2] and I took along a passionfruit cheesecake I wanted to test drive for Christmas and Don and I both loved it[3] so I’ve put it on my list of potential Yuletide desserts. Then Wendy asked Matthew what he was planning for his own birthday (he’s the next cab off the rank birthday-wise) and he was surprisingly evasive. This was odd because he usually organises something fun and he’ll be turning fifty this year so surely he has something super special in mind.

[1] Like my cousin Russell who was so impressed by the difference his interior decorator made to his flat (all she did was paint the walls in interesting colours, bring in new curtains and decide which of his Mexican souvenirs should be displayed and which should be locked in a vault from which they would never return) that he married her. He claims he fell in love with Melissa’s kind heart but Russell’s sister says that he was really attracted to the idea of having someone else choose his ties.

[2] It hit 10 stars on Jeremy’s barbecue rating system which isn’t surprising because both Wendy and Gertruda cooked to beat the band.

[3] So did Hannah’s friend Lachlan but I don’t believe he’s ever met a food he didn’t like, so that doesn’t count.

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