5 April

Present danger

It’s a silver cake-server, it’s pretty, it comes in a lovely gift box and it’s ridiculously cheap.[1] You should buy it and give it to someone for Christmas… or should you? It will be a waste of money[2] if:

  • You don’t know anyone who’d want a silver cake-server[3]
  • You do, but have something else for them
  • They might like it but because you’re not confident of that, you end up adding something else to the present (in which case, you’d have been better off just buying the something else and leaving the cake-server in the shop)

Sometimes a sterling opportunity is best left to someone else.

05 apr 2016.jpg
Serves them right?

Christmas Eve 1970: As soon as we had arrived at Nanna’s house, we had supper[4] of caramel slice and Anzac biscuits (the Christmas food wouldn’t come out till the morrow) and then we put up our “stockings” (which were actually pillowslips) in the lounge, next to those of our Goulburn cousins (Bronwyn, Peter and Steve) and our Brisbane cousins (Michelle and Russell). Luckily Nanna was well supplied with pillowslips. (Impressively so: she had beds made up for fifteen people, there were eight Santa sacks out and she’d done it all with the Good Linen.)

[1] Hopefully because the shop is trying to free up shelf space and not because no-one’s buying them anymore. (My brother-in-law Don thought he got a bargain on computer games for his son and came home to discover that Ben had got rid of that particularly gaming console the week before because it was passé.)

[2] False Bargain #2.

[3] I love silver but perhaps it’s because I don’t have very much of it. (My Nanna had most of her silver chrome-plated so that she didn’t have to polish it any more.)

[4] In Nanna’s house, you didn’t do anything at all on an empty stomach (not even eat)).

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