4 April


Christian trees are traditionally topped with either a star or an angel but if you want to make them less religious, go for a fairy or your own funky, off-beat idea.[1]

As previously mentioned, early ornaments were primarily food[2] but classic glass baubles arrived with the industrial revolution and tinsel was invented in 1610. (It was originally made of silver and then of lead in the first part of the twentieth century and then very specifically not made of lead in the second part of the twentieth century when they realised they were poisoning people).

Now you can find little replicas of all kinds of things hanging from the boughs: classic toys (drums, rocking horses), presents, reindeer[3] and even handbags and baby bottles. Christmas is for everyone… and everyone can find a set of decorations that suits them.


04 apr 2016.jpg
The Statue of Liberty, the Empire State building… just add Ground Zero to complete the set.

[1] Got a sparkly toucan? Why not let it lord over Christmas from the top of the tree?

[2] You don’t see a lot of pretzels on branches now, you do still encounter candy canes and occasional gingerbread people.

[3] My cousin Peter bought some moose keyrings in Canada and hung them on his Christmas tree, saying that it was species-ist to let reindeer be the only Yuletide deer.

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