3 April

Just kidding

It annoys me when people say “Christmas is all about the kids, isn’t it?” No, it jolly well isn’t!

  • We all like a feast day when the usual rules about sensible eating are thrown out of the window[1]
  • We all like presents
  • Many of us like tinsel and shiny things (and a time when the usual rules about tasteful décor are thrown out of the window)[2]
  • We all like festival-time when work is over and people greet you with smiles and joy
  • It’s true that Santa Claus only comes to children, but parents usually have a lot of fun with it too

Anyone who thinks that Christmas is only about the kids isn’t doing it properly.


03 apr 2016.jpg
Bring it on!

I went shopping for curtains today and it was disheartening because nearly all of them are awful[3] but I did find some in a nice dark green[4] with a faint white check that I think will be good and I confess that I considered how they would look with my Christmas decorations when I was choosing them!

[1] I remember my cousin Peter trying to eat some of every single dish that was on offer the Christmas Day he was eleven. He barely survived to Boxing Day.

[2] My friend Todd’s lilac crocodiles spring immediately to my mind.

[3] Surely no-one in the world would choose purple leopard spots on a mustard background. Perhaps the manufacturers only make it to persuade you to spend a few more dollars on something that doesn’t look like a diseased zoo animal.

[4] Sorry, that should probably be “Sherwood Forest”.

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